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We all know the feeling of missing a gig or being second to know about a new album from one of our favourite bands/artists.

The solution? Like it Loud.

What is Like it Loud? Like it Loud is an idea; after years of receiving second hand information, the time has come to get what we want, when we want it. Like it Loud aims to be your information portal for all your musical information needs.

What do we want? We want information about the artists we enjoy; when they release new material, where there is a significant line-up change, when there is a chance to see them live – especially in Oz, where it is no small feat to venture to our shores for international acts; in fact, any information really.

Why can’t I just get this information from the web/social media? You can – but how easy is it to follow multiple bands without subscribing to numerous information feeds from bands, record labels, ticket sellers, promotors and venues?

Why Like it Loud? We all know what happens when we put our e-mail address or mobile number into a newsletter or marketing promotion – spam…..and more often than not, 90% of stuff you don’t ask for. Like it Loud is striving for the stuff you want, when you want it…..

What does this mean? Rock, Hard Rock, Metal (and the associated sub-genres that we will not list out) inspire people in different ways; so why not be able to choose the information you are provided? Like it Loud aims to provide timely, relevant information (as well as historical info) on the bands you want to know about – what does this mean? A configurable information source that means something to you….and that you can act on, by purchasing music, tickets, merchandise, etc…or simply sharing the info with others.

What about local music? At Like it Loud we strive to support the local music scene in Australia, in each state capital city and beyond. If you know of an up and coming band, why not tell us about them via feedback@likeitloud.com.au?

Music puts the ‘cherry on top’ – let us make the most of it.

Get your eyes across the ‘beta version’ of Like it Loud – let us know what you think, bearing in mind we have a few sections under development; drop us a line at feedback@likeitloud.com.au



Like it loud team